Dema was established in 1997 in Alexandria, in the industrial area of Mergham in 29K Alexandria –Cairo road. With Egyptian capital by the chairman of the board of directors, Eng.Nader El-Sayed Mousa.

By Egyptian hands and Egyptian Specialized in the field of pulling and isolation electrical wires at the best production line and the finest raw material according to international and Egyptian Specifications.

The company is still on progressing one step after the anther in achieving the desired dream of reaching the highest quality and leadership in the local and international market.

We looking forward to being the reference model in the quality and diversity of products of electrical wires and cables locally and regionally, and maintain it by raising the level of customer services and contribute to the development of its society.
The company’s vision is based on customer satisfaction about the product, so that to be it is first choice by studding the market and searching for problems facing customers and solving these problems as soon as possible.

We will achieve that through a strategic and future planning for all the factors surrounding the production of wires in Egypt and trying to reach the highest quality and workmanship. This will come only through the production of an integrated system for the convenience of employees and satisfaction with the institution in which they work.

As the company is part and not separated from community. We taking steps in field of environmental research through modernization of machines to a non-polluting machines, and increasing our community participation in non-profit activities that are in interest of community as whole.

The company is doing a great effort in improving and developing the production lines, thus achieving the highest standards of quality and safety. Through the inclusion of sophisticated laboratory that monitor the production process and reference the improvement required.

Also we increase the production capacity if the factory by installing the latest production lines of new machines for the debate and insulation of electrical cables, allowing us to meet the requirements of marketing demands and develop a new monitoring system to become the pioneers in the area to be the first choice of electric cables in Egypt.